Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vocal Sessions 2010 pt.1 /

Tracking for the new record is finished! Mixing time in full effect out on Hammerlord ranch. Still not sure exactly how this is going to come out but expect some kind of hard copy and digital files to surface April / May 2010!

Drummer Adam Mitchell has been recording these 9 bangers and he's done a great job. Eric Graves has been recording vocals at his spot and we have footage to prove it. We hope the video below will give you some insight to our very serious recording process:)

Also during the video you get a lil taste of some of the jams. There are snippets of Tombstone Piledriver, Demon Fever, Wolves at Wars End and Creating Destruction. These tracks are all going on the new record along with five more. Please keep in mind that these tracks have not been mixed or mastered.

Over the next month we will be posting more videos of us recording and guffawing it up.

Stay tuned and cheers!

Hammerlord Vocal Sessions 2010 pt.1 from Hammerlord on Vimeo.